Message from President & CEO

First of all, I would like to express my hearty appreciation to your constant cooperation extended to us. Our company was established in 1974, since then we have been establishing solid relationship with our customers mainly located around cities of Yokohama and Kawasaki by providing services of system development, system operation and deputation of system engineers etc. Furthermore, our capability and organization to provide with total solution services were well prepared after merging relative company specialized in engineering field in 2013. We hereby commit to our customers that we will continuously challenge against recently diversifying needs together with our colleagues as a new born “YOKOSHIBA” to innovate and create value based on “Reliability and Technology” accumulated for a long time since being established. We wish a company we can provide our customers with new value by means that every employee of our company will achieve their own goals and dreams set up by themselves and feel pleasure through their achievement and realization. It is highly appreciated that all of our customers will extend us constant support and cooperation from now on.

President & CEO
Shinji Kajiwara

Company Policy

Inspired Mind, Motivate with good faith, Act with consideration.

Philosophy and Principles

Contributing to society through business firmly rooted in the following philosophy and principles
・ To seek for materially & spiritual happiness of all of our employees.
・ To contribute to the progress of society by innovating value of our company.

Slogan of our company

“HUMAN INNOVATION to the future Challenge YOKOSHIBA”

We set up this slogan so that we will be a company that all of our employees will continuously challenge to make innovation in various kinds of business fields for the sake of the prosperous future of our business and organization. We think that we will be able to find out our own solution which nobody has found and can make value innovation of our company by deeply thinking the current business and organization. It is not easy action but it is important so that we will be chosen and loved by our customers as a reliable company.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Yokoshiba Inc.
Head Quarter [Address]
1-12-7 Nihonbashikakigaracho Chuo-ku
Tokyo Japan 103-0014

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Established June 18 1974
Capital ¥ 17million
Fiscal year March
Main Financial Institutes Yokohama Bank Atsugi branch office.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Atsugi branch office
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Kawasaki branch office
The Johnan Shinkin Bank Rokkakubashi branch office
Member of the Board President & CEO Shinji Kajiwara
Director Jyo Kawakami
Director Takanori Iwasawa
Auditor Kuniko Harada
Major Services Business IT Solutions,Network Solutions,Server Solutions.
Security Solutions and Diagnosis.
Systems Development, Web Application,Mobile Applications.
Line of Business Planning, design, development and operation of Information Systems,Infrastructure.
Security Diagnosis and analysis.
Machine design, CAD systems and other related technology services.
・ Various Office Supplies, wide range of Novelties.
・ We also set up your LOGO or Name on them.
・ Fully customized Calendars with our original design from more than 1000 varieties.
SEMINAR Project Management Seminar, regularly held, which covers from basic methodologies to Current topics.
Number of Employees 65
RECRUIT We are recruiting the next generation who are skilful people to shape our innovative future by challenging together.
We are aiming at being a company that gives a positive influence to create new business process and the organization by using new IT and Design thinking, so that we surely can provide you with a good opportunities to work to grow up your talent and carrier.
Related Companies Fuji Techno Solutions Co.Inc.
FT Finetec Product Co Inc.
Business Permit Registered General Worker Dispatching Business Permit 13-313868
Membered Organization Kanagawa Prefecture Information Services Health Insurance Association
Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce